sensitivity analysis

A Customized graph to visualize portfolio sensitivity

Label generator

A convenient tool to generate sequence numbers based in prefix, suffix and range to print labels on thermal printers

Work order management

A customized program that manages work orders with advanced functions such as cloning existing orders, searching orders, open job reports, as well as printing out current order forms as well as order history for selected customer. 

facial image plotting 

A tool that helps analyze heritability of facial features by graphically plotting the data on an image of a human face.  The automated process draws linear, angle and proportion lines between points  on the face image with the ability to turn off/on lines and isolate certain amounts of data

KPI dashboard with Power map

An interactive KPI dashboard with add in App Bing map to visualize volume and quantity by country, account, category, status, billing party and agent, etc.

Personal trainer management system

A CRM system that allows personal trainers a one-stop shop for managing their clients and their clients’ health needs.  Record keeping including training and nutrition plans, and a range of reports to measure progress and improvement with the convenience of automatic emailing to the clients. Analysis to recommend adjustments in  exercise intensity and/or their diet to help them reach their goal. 

Sample projects

interactive sales dashboard

An integrated CRM tool to record and analyze sales team activities and marketing matrix. Interactive dashboard provides insight on division, activities and activity pipeline stage performances. A merging routine is created to simplify the process to help improve sale function. 

Stock and sales dashboard

An interactive KPI dashboard providing insight in stock movement, purchasing needs and sales details by product categories, ranges, groups, etc.

corporate Resilience maturity model

A tool to help measure and analyze an organization's crisis management readiness and resilience maturity. It enables data entry and automatic output with merging capability for multiple users

              Milestone Analytics

Dealer and Salesforce sales dashboard

An interactive dashboard that provides sales trend analysis for clients and sales force with the ability of preliminary forecasting by category/products

quoting tool

An intuitive tool that helps sales team to provide customized quotes to their clients with built in functions such as saving as PDF format and automatic Outlook emailing